The US ambassador Richard Norland said he met in Tripoli with the Libyan Chief of Staff  Mohammed Al-Haddad and offered his praise for his joint efforts with the Chief of Staff of Khalifa Haftar forces'  Abdelrazik Al-Nathori, as well as the work of the Joint Military Commission (JMC 5+5).

"Those responsible for the militia clashes in recent days would be wise to follow the example set by General Haddad and others: a resounding “no” to renewed armed conflict." Norland said, according to a tweet by the US embassy in Libya.

In a meeting with Libyan Foreign Minister also on Thursday, Norland said Libyans deserved better than the violence that occurred in Tripoli or Misrata in recent days, strongly urging all leaders to avoid escalatory steps, and support agreement on holding presidential and parliamentary elections.