Libyan FM in Qatar to boost relations

Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Salvation Government, Mohammed Al-Ghirani, held talks with his Qatari counterpart, Khaled Bin Mohamed Al Attiyah, in Doha Sunday to review the mutual relations.

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Leon's endeavours to meet army officers upset GNC

GNC President Nuri Abu Sahmain has protested the intention of the UN envoy to Libya to hold meetings with Chief of Staff Officers and leaders of revolutionary fighters without prior permission from the dialogue team or the Gener

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Haftar pushes for a military council, federalists for separation

Pro-Khalifa Haftar demonstrators marched Friday in Dignity Operation stronghold city of Al-Marij to demand the formation of a military council, headed by the rogue General, to rule Libya after October when the constitutiona

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SG premier in Turkey to propose e-visa facility for Libyans

Prime Minister of Salvation Government Khalifa Al-Ghawiel, on Friday, met with his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu in the Turkish capital of Ankara.

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List of GNC amendments to the UNSMIL draft

The GNC delegation to Geneva dialogue said the last dialogue round was constructive and half of the nine GNC proposals were agreed upon.

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Abducted boy found safe

A five-year old boy, who was abducted from his house in Tripoli, has been found.

Mohammed Ab Saida was abducted by an Egyptian worker who was painting their house in Ein Zarah district three days ago.

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Libyan pilgrims leave for Mecca

The first batch of Libyan pilgrims is due to leave Libya for Saudi Arabia Sunday 06 to perform this year's Holy Hajj, the fifth pillar of Islam.

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Libyan soccer team competes for Gabon 2017

The Libyan national football team plays its counterpart from Cape Sunday at the Talai Aljaish (Army Vanguards) Stadium in Egypt in the second round for the African Nations Cup qualifiers, Gabon 2017.

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