Mitiga Hospital reports Leishmaniasis cases

Leishmaniasis disease has affected more than 100 people, Mitiga Hospital reported on Saturday.

The hospital said it received the cases on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

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Eastern municipalities refuse unity government; threaten to announce military council

The acting mayor of Al-Bayda said on Saturday that the newly announced unity government is rejected by all municipalities in eastern Libya, calling all mayors to gather in his city's Martyr Square  today to denounce the gov

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Misrata municipality hails Leon's government

Misrata municipality said on Saturday it supports the announcement of unity government by UN Mission chief Bernardino Leon.

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I cannot stand it anymore

I cannot stand this situation anymore, tens of non-Libyans in Skhirat talking about my country’s affairs pretending that they care about it, and attempting to stop its bleeding and heal its wounds as well as killing its every pa

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Leon’s proposed names angers HoR dialogue member Buera

Federalist Abu Baker Buera, member of Tobruk parliament’s dialogue delegation, said he was astonished that his name was not included in the unity government announced by Bernardino Leon on Thursday.

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Zintan rejects Leon's proposed government, lashes out at HoR

Zintan Military Council has refused Leon’s proposed names for the government and called on Libyans to gather for a domestic dialogue that includes all Libyan parties except for the House of Representatives and the General Nation

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Protests and sit-ins are legal, says Fatwa House

Libya's Fatwa House announced on Tuesday the legality of protests and sit-ins as a fashionable style people might use to lift injustice and to ask for their rights.

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Leon announces unity government, GNC dialogue members criticize

Names of the Government of National Accord were announced Thursday night.

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