Tribes Army abducts 24 civilians in Al-Sayad

24 people have been kidnapped in the western town of Al-Sayad and were taken to Wirshiffana region as hostages, the Head of the Captives and Missing Persons Committee in Al-Zawiya Municipality, Khairy Mustafa, has declared, in t

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Libyan Red Crescent aids Tripoli immigrants

The Libyan Red Crescent (LRC) distributed Wednesday food aids to the illegal immigrant at the Illegal Immigration Fight Authority’s shelter in Al-Sikka Road in Tripoli.

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National human rights commission denounces violence in Benghazi

The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya has denounced the escalation of killing, abduction, torture and forced disappearance operations targeting  civilians and religious sheikhs in Benghazi.

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Death toll of Libyan pilgrims hits 10

The death toll of Libyan pilgrims from Mina stampede in Saudi Arabia has risen to 10, the head of Libyan Pilgrims Mission announced on Wednesday.

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Notes on the Libyan political agreement

Notes on the Libyan political agreement 21/9/2015, which were taken after communication and consultation with experts in different fields.

1: Notes from a comprehensive standpoint:

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Woman gives birth to septuplets in Zlitin

A woman in the central city of Zlitin gave birth to a set of septuplets late of Tuesday, Zlitin Hospital has announced.

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Eastern federalists call for autonomy, threaten to prevent constitution referendum

The National Federal Bloc said on Tuesday it would not recognize the upcoming constitution of the country which is being drafted by the Constituent Assembly in the eastern city of Al-Bayda.

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Souq Al-Jomaa residents call for decent infrastructure

Souq Al-Jomaa residents staged a sit-in on Tuesday in front of the Local Government Ministry to protest ministry inaction over the recent damage caused by heavy rain.

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