Gharyan city singled out for “security and social stabilization zones” project

Gharyan city singled out for “security and social stabilization zones” project

February 15, 2017 - 19:42
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Libya representative of Aktis Strategy, Khalid Al-Kanouni, said Gharyan was their choice from among three other municipalities in Libya – Ghadames, Nalut, and Zuwara – to create a security and social stabilization zones project after they had discussed the project with the Interior Ministry.

“Gharyan was picked after we had organized two workshops in Tunisia with a Libya’s Interior Ministry delegation and then we saw that the city had what it takes to implement the project.” Al-Kanouni briefed the press.

He explained that Gharyan’s assets that make a good match for the project are manifested in its strategic geographical position, security and stability as well as regular traffic, absence of armed clashes and the availability of coordination between Gharyan’s municipality and all of the city’s service sectors.

Al-Kanouni also added that the project will provide citizens with security and public services with contemporary international standards in line with the Local Governing Ministry, which has already given the project the go-ahead.

“The project is supported by the Netherlands and will be implemented by the British Aktis Strategy firm.” He remarked.

“This is how the project is going to work, the target staffers from security departments, such as illegal immigration fight authority, national safety authority, civil societies and municipal guard, will be trained and then the execution will be done in coordination with Gharyan municipality.” Al-Kanouni elaborated.

He pointed out that a memorandum of understanding (MoU) is going to be signed to include all the project’s details.

“I hope the project will be a roaring success in Gharyan and then gets done in all Libya’s municipalities.” Al-Kanouni concluded.