Girl lost family in IS-planted landmine blast now recovering in Germany

Girl lost family in IS-planted landmine blast now recovering in Germany

November 07, 2016 - 21:16
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Yaqeen with wounded fighters in Germany

After breaking out from Sirte and fleeing the barbarity of IS diehards, Yaqeen Al-Hajaji – an eleven-year-old girl – was in the car with her family in yet another heart-stopping drive back to one of Sire suburbs, Skair, as they decided to offer condolences for one of their relatives, who was killed by an IS-planted landmine, in there.

Though she and her entire family made out of Sirte safe and sound, the kinship bond made them drive back to the city’s suburbs to attend their relative’s funeral.

However, the wheel of fortune hurled Yaqeen right into the same fate her relative had as her family’s car was blown up by an IS landmine on the desert road to Skair, a suburban town in Sirte.

In the car was Yaqeen, four siblings, her parents and her aunt and only she, one brother and one sister survived the explosion, which ripped the car in half.

Yaqeen sustained serious injuries including gastrointestinal perforation, legs and elbow fractures, and clogged arteries in the right leg.

She had to undergo a 17-hour operation before a team of 6 surgeons from the departments Orthopedics and Vascular Surgery managed to save her life.

Her health condition was said to be stable and was sent later to Tunisia for follow-up treatment with the government paying the expenses, according to one of her relatives.

“In Tunisia, they said her leg injury could lead to amputation, so we corresponded with German and European hospitals for the case and they responded positively.” He indicated.

Yaqeen is now in Germany pursuing her treatment program.

“I ask all Libyans to be united.” She said, when she was asked if she wanted to wish anything for the Libyan people.