Tarhouna Municipality to revive Libya’s Ein Shirshara Park

Tarhouna Municipality to revive Libya’s Ein Shirshara Park

August 13, 2016 - 12:36
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

Amid the political chaos in Libya, there is a bright side that went unnoticed. 65 km to the southeast of Tripoli, there is a city struggling to show the glamour of the country. With lack of support from state authorities, officials in the mountain city of Tarhouna are doing their best to complete Ein Shirshara Park, a would-be tourist destination, 3km to the north of the city.

Ein Shirshara Park stretches for a total area of about 400 hectares. After completion, it is expected to become one of Libya’s main tourist attractions.

As soon as the municipal council was elected, officials put a plan to revive the park after decades of neglect. Now reconstruction at the park is in full swing. The municipal officials closed all water wells in the surrounding areas so that the park’s waterfall keeps flowing.

Mohamed Saied, the head of media office of Tarhouna Municipality, said Ein Shirshara Park would become the main tourist destination in the country. He indicated that the reconstruction plan has reached 30% with expectation that the park would be ready by 2018.

“11.000 pine trees were planted with the aim to reshape the park into a full green area. The park will also include a complete playground for children.” He told The Libya Observer.

The park will also include an integrated road network to facilitate movement of the tourists.

“Major maintenance works at Ein Shirshara hotel and restaurant are also under way with hope to finish them in the near future.” Mohamed added.

Security in the park is also high as the municipal council reactivated the tourism police to protect visitors.  

The park is now open for public despite the ongoing reconstruction works. Locals and visitors from the neighbouring cities flock to the park, especially on Fridays, to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere there.