Seven people were killed and 25 others were injured on Friday after clashes renewed in Al-Minshiya neighborhood in downtown Sabha between tribal armed groups.

The clashes first erupted on Thursday, when five people were killed, which makes the total of casualties hit 12 over the last two days.

The spokesman for Sabha Medical Center, Osama Al-Wafi, said the center had declared the state of emergency and called on all of the medics to be present for assistance and treatment.

“Over 30 people arrived at the Sabha Medical Center and some needed urgent surgeries, but the lack of equipment and shortage of medics had entangled the situation.”Al-Wafi added.

A delegation from notables and elders in Sabha was reportedly approached for pushing for a ceasefire, said the member of the Sabha municipal council, Ibrahim Mehrez, adding that the two conflicting tribal armed groups could settle the fight straight.

Clashes continue, in the meantime, in Al-Minshiya and Al-Mahdiya neighborhoods amidst a closure of many main roads in the city and a huge presence of gunmen within residential areas.

“Some families had already started to leave the clashes zone to safer areas in Sabha due to the clashes.” Sources indicated.