120 prominent Libyan figures launched an initiative that they said aimed to break the current impasse, support the right of the Libyan people to hold elections, and confront those who insist on perpetuating power, money and the benefits provided by a system of corruption and nepotism.

A statement by the initiative's signatories said that they are leading figures from the executive and legislative authorities, as well as mayors, leaders from civil society and political parties.

The statement indicated that the initiative will be announced in a press conference next Saturday at the Al-Khuld Royal Palace in Tripoli. It named two persons to communicate with: Salah Al-Bakush and Al-Habib Al-Amin.

The signatories said that the Libyans were not allowed to choose their political leaders for 8 years, and that the power-sharing agreements in Skhirat and Geneva did not succeed in achieving any of their promises, whether regarding avoiding conflict, unifying institutions or holding elections.

The statement indicated that those agreements collapsed within a year of their establishment, and only 5 governments, including parallel ones, were produced, in addition to 4 wars that claimed the lives of nearly 10,000 Libyans, stressing that it is time for Libyans to regain their right to choose new leaders and create a better future.

This initiative comes in light of a political stalemate since the House of Representatives appointed Fathi Bashagha's government, which has not yet been able to enter the capital and has not received important international recognition. This is in line with attempts by the House of Representatives and the High Council of State to implement their agreement in Rabat on changing sovereign positions and unifying the executive authority.