Libyan authorities in Al-Zawiya city released Wednesday 120 prisoners from Brigade 107 of Khalifa Haftar's forces. The men were taken captives in the early days of Haftar's attack on Tripoli back in 2019 as they tried to control Tripoli's western entrance checkpoint 27 coming from Surman.

The release was done in a ceremony attended by the deputies of the Head of Presidential Council, several Government of National Unity ministers and the Head of the High Council of State. Many awards were given to the officials and entities that helped make this reconciliation step a reality.

The deputy Head of the Presidential Council, Abdullah Al-Lafi, said this ceremony paves the way for the national reconciliation project to take shape and encourages forgiveness and tolerance, leaving the past behind, adding that "it also shows how the wronged is stronger than the aggressor by the farmer's forgiveness".

Al-Lafi hailed the people who took the initiative and their ability to give concessions for the greater good of the Libyan people and country. He also applauded the families of the martyrs and those who lost their houses due to the war for seeking reconciliation not vengeance.

The deputy, Mossa Al-Koni, also commented at the ceremony, saying what Al-Zawiya did needed a lot of courage and hailed the people of the city for not seeking retaliation for "the wrong doings done to the city and residents".

Meanwhile, the deputy prime minister, Ramadan Bujanah, said Al-Zawiya's reconciliation step is the starting point of the reconciliation project to heal the social fabric in Libya.