The Libyan Coast Guard, central branch, has intercepted an Egyptian trawler while it was illegally fishing within the Libyan waters range off Al-Buirat Al-Hassoom in western Sirte. The Libyan News Agency (LANA) reported the spokesperson of the Navy Force, Colonel Ayob Qasim, as saying, “There were 16 Egyptian fishermen aboard the trawler (Queen Mona), which sailed into the Libyan waters without a previous request for permission from the Libyan authorities. The trawler was intercepted by the Coast Guard’s central branch following observational reports from the Guard’s staff.” He added that the central branch exquisitely handled the situation as per the international laws and conventions, first by warning on speakers and then by firing warning gunshots at the trawler. However, it refused to stop and started to maneuver until it directly hit the Coast Guard’s patrol.The trawler was taken to Misrata port.