16 illegal Egyptian immigrants and 3 Libyan human smugglers were killed in Bani Waleed city to the west of Libya. Local sources confirmed that the Egyptians and Libyans were found dead on Al-Naher road between Bani Waleed and Al-Shwairif over a fight that broke out between them.

The sources added that a car stuffed with 30 Egyptian migrants stopped on Al-Naher road after a fight between the driver and the passengers, which then led to the death of the driver and his two companions, who were all Libyans.

“When the migrants were trying to drive away from the scene, a group related to the killed smugglers followed the car and opened fire on it killing 16 Egyptian nationals, while others have reportedly escaped. The bodies are now at Bani Waleed public hospital.” The sources indicated.

In the meantime, illegal immigration is thriving once again in Libya with the coming of summer as the weather has become more suitable for the migrants to make the sea voyage to Europe.