Libyan Public Prosecution announced on Wednesday the seizure of 300 artifacts dating back to the Greek epoch from a person located in Al-Bayda in east Libya.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement on Facebook that the Public Prosecutor called for verifying the information that said there was a person who had 300 pieces of artifacts.

The statement added that the Public Prosecutor, within the jurisdiction of the Al-Bayda Court of Appeal, assumed the responsibility of supervising the work of verifying the legality of the possession of artifacts, which then turned out to be illegal. The man was later arrested and the pieces kept in the Office's possession.

The Stabilization Support Service announced Tuesday the seizure and recovery of the stolen artifact "The Lupus Capitolina" in the city of Al-Asaba, in a process that took place under the supervision of the Attorney General's Office, the Director of the North Tripoli Prosecution Office, the Director of the Gharyan Prosecution Office, and the Director of the Al-Asaba Partial Prosecution Office.

However, the Libyan Antiquities Authority said the "Capitoline Wolf" statue that was seized in Al-Asabaa town is a statue different from the one that was at Al-Saraya Al-Hamra in Tripoli, refuting the news that said security apparatuses had retrieved the stolen statue.