The team tasked by the Municipality of Sabratha to gather bodies of illegal immigrants from the local shores succeeded in removing 300 bodies from the sea over the last four months, the last being 15 bodies last week alone, the Mayor said.

Mayor Hussein Dawadi said he is continuing his efforts to stem this flow and refuses to stand by helpless, pointing at the fact he had met with the Sheiks of Mosques that give Friday sermons and asked them to highlight this issue to the general public and to explain where the proceeds of such business stand Islamically.

Dawadi placed full responsibility on the UN proposed GNA and the Interior Ministry “For not addressing or giving the subject any thought”.

The Municipality of Sabratha said on its Facebook page on Sunday “We have raised this worrying issue many times as the numbers of immigrants and smugglers continues to rise and ruin the coastline by turning it into a main smuggler route”.

It explained that those mainly responsible are the smugglers, their guardians, the civil societies and the general public by not participating in active demonstrations.