Only 3,531 Libyan pilgrims, including men and women, will attend the Hajj this year due to the precautionary conditions set by the Saudi authorities, an official at the Libyan General Authority for Hajj and Umrah Affairs has confirmed.

The Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Authority for Hajj and Umrah, Sabri Al-Bouishi said this year's Hajj season is exceptional.

He explained that the number of pilgrims and the age group is beyond their authority.

"Only pilgrims under 65 years old are allowed to perform the Hajj, while those over the age of this category cannot obtain a visa or enter the country of the Two Holy Mosques due to the restrictions put in place by the Saudi authorities."

The specified number of pilgrims will be picked up according to the sequence of the names from the 2020 Hajj lottery system.

Al-Bouishi noted that the authority is unable to open the door for concessions or replacements, stressing that they will make every effort to increase the number of Libyan pilgrims.

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