The Libyan Coast Guard recovered, on Tuesday, bodies of 11 migrants, including a child, after their boat bound for Europe sank off the coast of Qarabulli.

On Tuesday morning, the local authorities were informed of the presence of bodies of ten men and a girl floating on the water a few meters from the beach of Qarabulli, 50 kilometers east of Tripoli, according to local reports.

Four people succeeded in returning to the Qarabulli coast, which was easily accessible due to calm waters, they were spotted by an AFP photographer lying on the sand, exhausted trying to regain their strength by eating a little bread and milk provided by rescuers.

A boat was carrying about 80 migrants sank near the coast, according to a survivor, with Egyptians, Pakistanis and Bengalis on board.

On Tuesday evening, the Coast Guard carried out a second mission to rescue migrants on another boat in the state of distress off the same city. "We rescued 61 migrants who were on another boat and all of them are safe. They are from Syria, Pakistan, Bangladesh and African countries," said Qarabulli Coast Guard official.

In another incident, the Libyan Red Crescent recovered, between Wednesday and Monday, from the shores of Sabratha (70 km west of Tripoli), bodies of 34 migrants who died after their inflatable boat with 100 migrants on board sank.