The head of the judicial police Brigadier Mahmoud Abu Hmaida, confirmed the escape of 700 inmates from Ein Zara and Gibbs prisons during the clashes that took place in Tripoli lately, noting that some of them have returned to prison again willingly.

Abu Humaida, clarified during a press conference held on Sunday, at the Media Centre in the Prime Minister's Office in Tripoli that a riot erupted in the prison of Ein Zara on Sunday, September 2nd, after the inmates of the prison got into a panic when hearing the sound of clashes around the perimeter of the prison, adding that the inmates broke the door cells and managed to get away despite the attempts of the prison guards to stop them.

Abu Humaida explained that the judicial police immediately informed the Public Prosecution and prepared lists of the runaway inmates from the two prisons, noting that Ein Zara prison was closed temporarily, and about 34 inmates were transferred to Al Jidaida main prison.

He also stressed that the judicial police has already opened an investigation into the incident to determine the responsibility of the inmates' escape, pointing to his decision to suspend the director of Ein Zara prison and his assistant, for negligence and default.

As for the prison of al-Gibbs in Sawani area, the head of the judicial police force confirmed that an armed group attacked the prison on Saturday the first of September and tampered with its contents; they also opened the doors of prison and let the inmates who were detained for various cases to escape.

Abu Humaida pointed out that al-Gibbs prison is currently out of service and the place was used as a judicial police training institute.

He also stressed that all rehabilitation institutions and prisons must be under the authority of the Ministry of Justice and the judicial police and that such institutions should be excluded from the conflict in the country.