80 days have passed since Khalifa Haftar has launched his offensive against Tripoli with remarkable struggling on his forces' part to advance on or maintain positions in southern Tripoli, especially after their supply lines from Al-Jufra to Gharyan has been destroyed.

The western zone forces under the Presidential Council's command said earlier they had attacked a military convoy moving toward Al-Jufra, leaving many fighters killed or injured.

Central zone forces said they had also controlled a supply line for Haftar's forces after they had seized the road between Al-Jufra and western region so the supplies cannot reach Gharyan and Tarhouna.

Meanwhile, heavy crashes have erupted on Tripoli Airport frontline today with Volcano of Rage Operation saying its forces have seized the main entrance gate, VIP lounge and other important areas of the airport.

The Libyan Air Force also carried out several airstrikes to back up the forces on the ground, striking Haftar's forces in Ain Zara, Wadi Rabea and Tripoli Airport areas, let alone a strike by Haftar's warplane on it's own forces mistakenly at the eastern part of the airport.

Clashes are still ongoing in and outside the airport as senior leaders from Presidential Council's forces say the battle for the airport and Qasir Benghashir will soon end on victory.