A call for boycotting the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and its goods was signed by 87 Muslim scholars, including the Mufti of Libya, Sheikh Al-Sadiq Al-Gharyani.

The call urged on businesspersons who are working in the UAE to find another country for their business and to boycott its ports as they are important sources of economic funds for Abu Dhabi.

"This boycott call is driven by the direct intervention of the UAE in several Arab and Muslim countries like Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Kashmir and Uygurs in China. Intervening in those areas by flowing money and arms caused deaths and corruption among Muslims." The scholars said.

They said it is obvious that the UAE crimes have left millions of casualties due to its interventions in Yemen and Libya; killed, injured and displaced people, in addition to destroying properties and infrastructure that need tens of years and millions in cash to build.

The scholars said the significant part of the money used by UAE to fund arms deals and send them to destroy Muslim countries is from the businesspersons' trade work money in Abu Dhabi, let alone its exports.

"Whenever you find a war in this world, you could sense the UAE's intervention in it either secretly or publicly, buying arms and aircraft as well as mercenaries to kill Muslims and destroy their countries." The statement signed by the scholars said.

The call was based on Quranic and Prophetic words, which say the enemy should be made weak economically to stop wreaking havoc in the world.