The abduction of member of Council of Researches and Islamic Sharia Studies of Libyan Fatwa House Nadir Al-Omrani has been met with anger and condemnation from several state authorities.

Libya’s Grand Mufti Sheikh Sadeq Al-Gharyani deplored the Thursday abduction of Sheikh Nadir as an outrageous act, and called in a statement all Libyan people to condemn such act and go in protests to denounce it. He also urged all military brigades in Tripoli to condemn the abduction.

The High Council of State has strongly condemned the abduction and called all state authorities to end such criminal acts.

The UN-installed Presidency Council and Zuwara Municipality have also condemned the abduction of Sheikh Nadir.

An armed group abducted Sheikh Nadir Al-Omrani in Tripoli on Thursday while on his way to Fwateer mosque in Al-Hadbah Al-Khadra district to perform morning prayer.