The spokesman of the Tobruk-based House of Representatives, Faraj Abu Hashim, said the two deputies of the Speaker, Aqilah Saleh, are exerting continuous efforts to convene an HoR meeting outside Tobruk to endorse the UN-proposed government.

In a press statement Sunday, Abu Hashim confirmed that the HoR members are waiting for the announcement of the date for the upcoming meeting by the first Deputy Speaker, Mohammed Shuayeb, and the second Deputy Speaker, Ehmeida Huma.

“We hoped that the HoR Speaker, Saleh, would have changed his stance and prioritized the greater good of the country, but he grew more obstinate than before.” Indicated Abu Hashim.

The HoR has been incapable of holding a meeting in its Tobruk headquarters to carry out an amendment to the constitutional declaration and an endorsement vote for the UN-proposed government, which made the pro-accord government HoR members venture to convene a meeting in other cities, like Ghadames.

However, all their attempts have brought no success up until today, taking into account tribal and regional pressure put on some members to force them away from the UN-proposed government.