The Association of Martyrs of the Abu Salim Prison Massacre has condemned the release of the former Head of the Internal Security Agency, Abdullah Mansour, a main suspect in the mass murder of more than 1,200 detainees in the Abu Salim prison.

In a statement, the Association rejected what it called the promotion of the national reconciliation project for wasting the rights of the victims, holding the Supreme Judicial Council responsible for impunity.

It called on the Office of the Attorney General to arrest and bring all the accused in Abu Salim case, and also called on state officials to stop provoking the families of the victims by publishing pictures of the accused and conducting interviews with them.

The Supreme Judicial Council formed on Thursday a committee to scrutinize the releases of the accused and convicts, and their compliance with the law.

Last Sunday, the Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, announced the release of Abdullah Mansour, who left for Niger after the release process, the country he fled to in 2011, and handed him over to Libya in 2014.