The Head of the Administrative Control Authority, Sulaiman Al-Shanti, announced on Sunday the investigation into 204 cases related to public funds, and the indictment of 554 individuals in violations that took place in 2021 and before, explaining that the number of cases registered during the period from January 1 to December 1, 2021 amounted to 216.

In a press conference held by Al-Shanti tackling  all sectors affiliated with the Government of National Unity in 2021, Al-Shanti said that measures were taken in 39 cases in 2020, and added that 55 individuals were referred to the district courts in 21 cases, indicating that 327 people were referred to the disciplinary councils in 121 case, and 25 others were referred to the Supreme Disciplinary Council in 22 cases.

Al-Shanti also remarked that 47 individuals were referred to the relevant disciplinary councils in 14 cases, except for 27 cases that were closed, and 6 cases that were not dealt with administratively, pointing out that the total number of 120 case files were investigated in the offices of the authority.

Al-Shanti also referred to the failure to preserve the public funds, forgery in official documents, the use of public funds for purposes outside their intended purposes, the use of forged memberships, embezzlement of public funds, and abuse of job powers, in addition to negligence in performing job duties, and erroneous behavior that resulted in the unlawful spending of public funds.

Al-Shanti said that presenting the commission’s report through the media is not defamation of the state’s executive body or to be exploited for interests and purposes, but rather its publication is a commitment to the principle of transparency despite all the political and security difficulties that the country is going through.

He further explained that the delay in the 2021 report was due to technical issues, but the authority referred a copy of the report to the legislative authority last August for opinion.

The report comes less than a week after the issuance of the Audit Bureau annual report, including important observations and recommendations about the entities subject to its control.