Afriqiyah Airways canceled a flight on Sunday night scheduled to fly from Benina Airport in Benghazi to Tunisia after the pilot in command was attacked by a militiaman.

Local sources said that an argument broke out between the pilot and one of the security forces of the airport after the latter attempted to board people with forged bookings to the plane, which then turned into a violent clash.

The incident caused resentment and rage among the passengers who decided not to leave the plane and stayed there for several hours without proper ventilation until some of them suffered shortness of breath, especially the ill and elderly.

The passengers then returned to the airport lounge and waited for their plane to take off, but to no avail.

Benina International Airport is experiencing a state of chaos, where even passengers with confirmed travel bookings could not get a seat because of the tampering going on with the boarding passes by airport militiamen who are selling them to people with no reservations.