A crew of the Afriqiyah Airways was beaten by a number of gunmen, who are suspected to be part of the National Mobile Force, on Tuesday as they were passing through a checkpoint for the armed group in Hay Al-ANdalus, Tripoli.

An Afriqiya Airways pilot, Captain Abdelkarim Al-Namsi, confirmed that he had been assaulted violently on his way back home coming from Mitiga airport after he was aboard a flight from Tunisian to Tripoli.

“I was stopped by the National Mobile Force at Hay Al-Andalus and I was beaten, sworn at, humiliated, and robbed without any reason but that I was coming from Mitiga airport.” The pilot wrote on his Facebook page.

Some of the armed groups of the National Mobile Force blocked certain main roads in Hay Al-Andalus this week over the arrest of one of their senior leaders, Adel Sifao (AKA Al-Shita), by the Special Deterrent Force when it stormed into Gergaresh area last Saturday.