A source from the High Council of National Reconciliation (HCNR) said they are preparing to leave the eastern region toward Tripoli after being attacked last Tuesday in Al-Bayda by a group from Blood Owners armed group that is affiliated to Khalifa Haftar.

The source added that the threat that were sent to the delegation were very serious, adding that no official authority contacted the delegates, thus obliging them to return to Tripoli. 
Days ago, the HCNR announced that there were some efforts exerted to enable a national reconciliation project, saying it was going to visit Derna for the second time in next August in order to push for the project.

Meanwhile, Derna Shura Council denounced the attack on the HCNR delegation in its Al-Bayda headquarters while they were in a meeting with Interim Government and House of Representatives' officials.

"We blame the criminal militias, who are trying to destroy the country, for the assault and we call for justice regarding that attack." The Derna Shura Council said, thanking the neighboring districts of Derna for their efforts for reconciliation.

A group from Awliya Al-Dam (Blood Owners) armed group stormed into the delegation of the HCNR in a hotel in Al-Bayda and gave the delegates a beating, threatening them of murder if they continued to advocate national reconciliation.