Books ship, Logos Hope, has docked at Benghazi port after being rejected in Misrata port. The steering council's head of Benghazi municipality, Al-Saqr Bujawary, welcomed the visit of the ship and its floating book fair in the city.

Bujawary said in a meeting with the director of Logos Hope's fair on Sunday that the visit comes in line with the transition of Benghazi  from the war that it went through and then overcome terrorism to stability and security.

Misrata municipality canceled the hosting of the floating book fair onboard Logos Hope ship after it was slated for the beginning of August at Misrata port. The cancellation was due to reservations made by several parties saying the fair delivers a message that is against the laws of the Libyan state.

Logos Hope is a ship that is carrying missionary religious books and publications, under the supervision of faith-based organization - a missionary organization that works to spread Christianity all over the world.