After long negotiations, Misrata and Tawergha signed in Tunisia Wednesday an agreement that will see the return of the displaced from Tawergha to their houses and the compensation for the damage done to both parties.

The agreement was signed by the heads of the dialogue committees of the two cities on behalf of Misrata and Tawergha municipalities.

“All the media campaigns that encourage sedition and grudge and establish hate must be stopped and all those who were victims of any kind of damage must receive compensations for it, especially for the families of killed persons, the detained as well as health damage and other belongings.” The agreement reads.

The agreement also included forming a joint operations room between Misrata and Tawergha by the orders of the Defense and Interior Ministries.

“The government should provide the needed services for the city of Tawergha so the people can return and lead a normal life. The mines and other war remnants should be removed and hospitals, schools, electricity and water networks must also be fixed and readied for the returnees.” The agreement includes.

Article 10 of the agreement also outlined that the government should implement the agreement and does what it takes to do so. Above all, it adds, the formation of a special fund for this issue and an autonomous committee in order to guarantee transparency and credibility.

Misrata and Tawergha municipalities are the only legitimate representatives for the two cities and the agreement is valid and due implementation once it is signed by the dialogue committees and accredited by the two municipalities then approved by the Libyan government.

The returning of the displaced to Tawergha will start once the agreement is fully approved and the fund is formed with the money inside it on October 15, 2016.