Libyan Airlines has signed a deal with Traverses Software Solutions for the replacement of its passenger management system.

The agreement follows a contract inked between the Libyan Airports Authority and Traverse to provide Libyan airports with a passenger handling system for shared utilization, "CUPPS."

The new system will enable air transport firms and ground service companies at all Libyan airports to use a standardized electronic system, which would facilitate booking tickets checking luggage, etcetera, It also allows users to print electronic tickets, which would be checked automatically at the boarding gates, the Airports Authority explains.

"CUPPS will enable the Airport Authority to improve services by providing enhanced data such as the number of boarding passengers and the types and sizes of aircraft operating at all airports. It would also facilitate the inventory of revenues and financial claims."

The Airports Authority called on all airlines to sign the agreement with the service provider to take advantage of the system, noting that the companies which do not implement the new system will face procedural issues.