Al-Bayda tribal leaders expressed Tuesday their full support for Ali Hassan Al-Jaber brigade and its chief Colonel Mohammed Abu Ghafayar.

In a tribal meeting following a visit to Derna by a fact-finding delegation, notables and tribal elders of the city ascertained their support for Colonel Abu Ghafayar and expressed appreciation of his role in fighting terrorism. They also rejected presence of any outside forces in their city.

A tribal delegation visited Derna early this week, where Ali Hassan Al-Jaber brigade is fighting Daesh group, to make sure of rogue General Khalifa Haftar's allegations that  Abu Ghafayar is supporting terrorists there.

 "We found out that the charges against Col. Abu Ghafayar were all false and falsification of facts intended to ignite sedition among the tribes." said one of the delegation members.

The tribal leaders also promised to send a convoy of food supplies and ammunition to Ali Hassan Al-Jaber after they were cut off by Haftar’s forces. 

Haftar has issued an order to arrest Colonel Abu Ghafayar considering him and his forces as illegitimate and allies of terrorism because they joined Derna revolutionaries in their fight against Daesh in Al-Fatayah region. 

On Thursday, Al-Bayda revolutionaries, who are protecting the headquarters of Ali Hassan Al-Jaber brigade, vowed support for Colonel Abu Ghafayar and his war on terror following the failed attempt by Haftar's forces to seize Al-Jaber brigade's weapons and ammunition.