The media office of Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos confirmed that the Misrata-led forces seized the entire residential area 2 and had advanced into the residential area 1, where they exploded a car bomb that was coming at them.

After doing an organized camouflage, the Misrata-led forces liberated the residential area 2 and some other nearby positions before they had set off to the residential area 1, sources from Sirte reported, saying the forces are still careful for the IS snipers on rooftops.

Misrata Central Hospital’s administration also reported that 5 fighters killed in the clashes and 38 injured were brought to the hospital, saying the injuries are between serious and medium.

Colonel Rida Issa, the commander of the central branch of the Libyan Coast Guard, said it is unlikely that IS militants venture to escape via the sea even disguised as illegal migrants accompanied by their families.

Issa told the press that Libyan Naval Forces are hemming in the whole coastline of Sirte city to prevent IS terrorists from escaping by sea, adding that there international naval forces in the international waters and they are on alert for any dubious movement as they expressed readiness to assist the Libyan forces if asked to, “but until now we haven’t,” Issa added.