The media bureau of Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos military operation said Friday it had advanced into Ouagadougou Conference Halls, Ibn Sina Hospital, and Al-Jeeza Military Zone in Sirte, where Is militants are holing up as their last hideouts in the city, pointing out that the Misrata-led forces did not position themselves in those locations as there is still some resistance and because they remain a clear target for IS snipers.

The media bureau also confirmed on its Facebook page that the Misrata-led forces set three IS vehicles on fire by targeting them as they were driving toward the forces on the frontline, explaining that they also took control of the Researches Station and other locations in Sirte city center.

“Tens of IS militants were killed during the clashes in Ouagadougou, Ibn Sina Hospital, and Al-Jeeza.” It added.
A medical source from Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos operation room confirmed that 17 of their fighters were killed in all fight axes in Sirte and more than 145 others were wounded, adding that a number of the injured fighters received cure at the field hospital in Al-Thaheir district in western Sirte, then they returned to the frontlines.

Clashes in Sirte broke anew Friday dawn in the vicinity of Ibn Sina Hospital, Ouagadougou Conference Halls, and Al-Jeeza military zone, but the Misrata-led forces have not yet announced full grip on them despite closing in on IS militants in there.