The operations chamber of Al-Bunyan AL-Marsoos (Solid Structure) said its forces advanced Wednesday afternoon from western and southern frontlines toward Sirte, pointing that the ones coming from the south managed to control the town of Jarif and its outlying area, while the forces positioned in western Sirte gripped a firm hold of Al-Khaleej steam power plant, advancing some kilometers ahead to hem IS militants around inside Sirte.

Media sources from inside Sirte stated that the situation inside the city is very tense. First, IS closed all its court bureaus days ago and IS fighters and policemen vanished off the streets, then it shut down its radio station, which was broadcasting zealous odes urging people to fight and stand tough as the battle is expected to near from Sirte’s center in the coming hours.

Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos operations chamber announced earlier that three were killed from its forces and 10 others were injured during clashes on different frontlines.

The control of Al-Khaleej steam power plant, 30km west of Sirte, came just 2 days after ISIS lost 2 strategic towns of Ben Jawad and Al-Naufileya in the east of the city.