The spokesman of Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos military operation, Mohammed Al-Ghasri, said the end of the war on IS militants in Sirte is looming as the Misrata-led forces are now battling IS in a 2 km area, pinpointing that they seized the entire residential area (1) on Monday.

Al-Ghasri added in a statement on Tuesday that all the clashes are now taking place in some parts of the residential area (3) and the military-sea district, Jiza, which lies to the north of the residential area (1) and next to the residential area (3).

“War will come to an end once this battle ended.” Al-Ghasri remarked.

“We’re still investigating the validity of the news that IS militants have their families with them inside the area, where they are trapped.” He indicated, pointing out that although the terrorists are of different nationalities and despite all the crimes they have committed so far, they have held Libyan girls as captives and are now dealing with them as “something” they own.

Al-Ghasri also added that Saturday’s battle against IS radicals was a great motivation for the fighters, who were so enthusiastically eager to battle the terrorists, leading to the death of 38 fighters, while on Sunday, only 9 fighters were also killed, he concluded.