The spokesman of the Defense Ministry of the UN-proposed government, Mohammed Al-Ghasri, urged for immediate ceasefire at the oil crescent region as it is the source of living for all Libyans, saying nobody can use weapons inside that area.

"The Defense Ministry will form a force to secure and guard the oil crescent region. Libyans won't allow fighters from Sudanese Justice and Equality Movement to be positioned in that area, while some media outlets are presenting those fighters as easterners recruited by the army." Al-Ghasri said on the phone on TV, indicating that all those eastern fighters ran away once Defend Benghazi Brigades had advanced greater eastward.

He added that intelligence showed that Chadian and Sudanese fighters have been at the oil crescent region for a while, saying they are mercenaries, whom Libyans reject altogether.

"Libyans don't want mercenaries to guard their only source of revenue." He remarked.

"I do believe that Khalifa Haftar, who is sponsoring terrorism in Libya and not fighting it, is the other face of Al-Qaeda and days will reveal the secrets that both of them share." He continued.

Al-Ghasri added that they received information about the intention of the DBB to advance to Benghazi passing through oil fields and not taking control of them, saying he found it strange that some parties rejected the idea while accepting to have Dignity Operation forces at the oil crescent region, knowing that the region is for all Libyans.

"Some call Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos the forces of handing over areas between Al-Qaeda and IS and some call the DBB as Al-Qaeda affiliate, however, these theories are detached from reality as Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos supervised the return of over 7000 displaced families to Sirte after the battle finished against IS, just like any army in the world." He elaborated, saying that the forces of the army that claims fighting terrorism did not allow any of the 150.000 IDPs to return home to their city, Benghazi.