The Prime Minister of the Salvation Government of the General National Congress, Khalifa Al-Ghweil, denied in a statement reported by Afrigate News any knowledge of the meeting that is taking place in Greek Rhodes Island for Libyan Jews, Libyan figures, Arab figures and Israelis.

Al-Ghweil stressed Saturday that the Salvation Government's policy is inclusive off all Libyans in the aim of ending the current crisis including sitting in dialogue sessions with all under a Libyan vision without any kind of exclusion.

"I have not appointed anybody to speak on my behalf or on the Salvation Government's behalf in Greece."Al-Ghweil remarked, explaining that all Libyans are brothers and the Salvation Government will be happy to be part of talks with all of them and only them (Libyans) not others, according to Afrigate News's citing of Al-Ghweil's statement.

"It is treason to shake hands with other parties from outside our country's communities." Al-Ghweil said.

He vowed to sue those who claimed he appointed them to deliver a speech to and meet with the attendees of the Rhodes meeting.

A person named Mohammed Al-Treiki, delivered a speech in Rhodes - where a meeting for reconciliation invloving Libyan Jews who were expelled from Libya in 1976 - saying it is a message from Al-Ghweil, claiming to be the Salvation Government's representative in the meeting.

Al-Treiki told the attendees Al-Ghweil said Libyan Jews must come back to Libya as it is their right and they should get compensations, too.

Aside from what was published by Afrigate News, there is no official statement by the Salvation Government denying the attendance of the meeting in Rhodes or confirming it.