The Prime Minister of the Salvation Government, Khalifa Al-Ghweil, said the UN-imposed government is practicing policies from Tunisia that would cause harm to Libyans, calling on Tunisian authorities to respect the Arab Maghreb charter that prohibits such conducts.

In a presser Tuesday evening, Al-Ghweil said his government welcomed all the initiatives that aimed at gathering the Libyans together in concord, but the UNSMIL has been exerting efforts to install its backed government in the capital at the expense of Tripoli’s security, urging the UN envoy Martin Kobler to take into account the diplomatic protocols between countries when he wants to visit Libya.

He pointed out that the reason behind closing the airspace in Tripoli and Misrata was to save the lives of the citizens after the inappropriate behavior that was done by the members of the Presidential Council of the UN-imposed government.

Al-Ghweil also criticized the behavior of the Governor of the Central Bank of Libya and accused him of adopting a policy that led to the outbreak of a living crisis, saying that he is abstaining from paying off the debts that can keep the citizens’ needs satisfied and he refused to approve the SG’s request for funding the fight against terrorism.