The Prime Minister of the Salvation Government, Khalifa Al-Ghweil, warned on Tuesday the UN-imposed government of entering Tripoli, as it would be an illegal step, outlining that its members could face arrest.

In a statement with Reuters, Al-Ghweil said that he cannot transfer the power to a government that is not endorsed by the General National Congress, adding that the UN-imposed government lacks the necessary legitimacy needed to rule Tripoli.

“If they want to enter Libya as normal citizens, then they are welcome, but we hope they do not venture to enter as members of government as we would consider it a violation of laws.” He said, adding that if they were patriots, they would know that such a step is not good for the country.

Al-Ghweil reaffirmed his support to the Libyan-Libyan dialogue and said that the GNC and Tobruk Parliament are drawing up an alternative plan for the political transition, which will be announced in two weeks.

Earlier, Skhirat government had announced that it is conducting some security communications with a number of its supporting parties, highlighting that it is going to move to Tripoli in days and start working officially.