Chief of the Libyan Army, Lieutenant General Muhammad Al-Haddad, has affirmed his support for Libya's unity, the sanctity of blood, and a civil state, through the concerted efforts of the military establishment.

During his meeting with members of the 5 + 5 Joint Military Committee (JMC) in Benghazi, Al-Haddad expressed his readiness to back the demands of the Libyan people to hold elections and choose their representatives with integrity.

The military's weapons should be directed at the enemy, not at the brothers of the same nation, Al-Haddad said, underscoring that he would not be part of any civil war.

He said it is time for Libya to settle down after years of conflict that was "backed by a hidden agenda seeking to implement dark projects."

For his part, the so-called Chief of Staff in the eastern region, Lieutenant General Abdel Razek Al-Nadouri, said the military institution would never be a party or a "tool" in any political disputes.

"The military leaders can come together and bridge the gap in the nearest time, regardless of the disagreements.

Al-Nadhouri added that the military establishment sees the Libyan identity as one, regardless of tribal, partisan, or political affiliations, emphasizing readiness to protect the elections "whenever the Libyans agree."

Al-Haddad's recent visit to Benghazi is the first of its kind since assuming his position, in which he met his counterpart, Abdul Raziq Al-Nadhouri, as a continuation of the previous meetings between the two parties.