Chief of General Staff of Libyan Army, Lt. Gen. Mohamed Al-Haddad, has stressed the need to support the military establishment in order to restore stability, and divorce the stage of infighting once and for all.

Al-Haddad was speaking at a cabinet session, Wednesday about the crisis in Zawiya, last week of April, stressing that the current situation in the city is very reassuring, and a committee has been formed from the people of the city to avoid outside intervention.

He said, "We sat with various factions and learned the causes," pointing out that there are some defects with the municipal council and Security Directorate.

In this regard, Lt. Gen. Al-Haddad stressed the need to pay attention to young fighters, before pointing out that the security situation around the capital requires a lot of patience.

He also focused on the necessity to "establish strategic national projects to push youths out of arms towards education and development." 

However, he criticized in this regard the emergence of new armed formations parallel to the army, police and security services.

Al-Haddad noted that there is a segment, which he did not name , working to drag the army into wars, fighting and chaos, because this ensures that it will continue to benefit from the state of warfare and chaos.

He stressed that the Libyan army is striving to prevent any attempt to drag it into fighting, and that the army, east, west and south, stands today united.

Lt. Gen. Al-Haddad touched on the issue of illegal migration, pointing out that Libya is a transit country and that this escalating phenomenon may cast a shadow over Libyan national security, calling in this regard, on the need to pay attention to the issue of the National Number.