The Head of the Supreme Judicial Council, Mohammed Al-Hafi, said the Speaker-designate of the House of Representatives, Fawzi Al-Nuwairi, had informed the council that there would be no reshuffling of the judiciary structure.

Al-Hafi told reporters that Al-Nuwairi said law 11 of the reshuffling of judiciary isn't based on legal grounds, and he called for ignoring the law and taking all necessary legal measures.

The HoR issued last Tuesday a law, dating back to 2019, that reshuffles the structure of the Supreme Judicial Council, which is tasked to decide on appeals of the election process.

The law was issued when the HoR was split between Tripoli and Tobruk during the war on the capital. It said the Head of the Supreme Judicial Council, the Supreme Court Justice, should be replaced by the Judicial Inspection Authority's Head; a change of a structure that has been valid for years.

Al-Nuwairi denied knowledge of the law and the session in which the law was passed in 2019. Observers believe this law is a revenge card by the HoR against Al-Hafi, who didn't approve the HoR amendments to the election law, which could rule Prime Minister Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah out of the presidential elections.