The Head of the Fuel and Gas Crisis Committee, Milad Al-Hajrasi, confirmed a breakthrough in the fuel crisis in the Western region after the efforts made by the committee in cooperation with the relevant authorities in the fight against smuggling.

In a statement to the Information Office of the Presidential Council, Al-Hajrasi insisted that the committee will continue to carry out the tasks entrusted to it of combating the smuggling of fuel through all the access points and border, noting that the efforts made during the last period contributed to stopping the depletion of fuel in the Brega company's reservoirs, and helped end the current congestion crisis in front of petrol stations in the Western region.

He explained that the Libyan state and its military and security services, with the participation of the Air and Naval forces, are determined to combat the smuggling of fuel, which is causing a national economic loss estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

"This national work is a result of teamwork and joint efforts of the competent bodies and with the support of the Libyan people," Al-Hajrasi explained.

He reassured the citizens that the staff of the Brega Oil Company will continue to do their duty day by night to make fuel and gas available in the domestic market and alleviate the suffering of the people.

He also called on the Presidential Council to keep up their support for the committee and the authorities charged with combating smuggling to ensure that they continue their task, in order to preserve the wealth of the Libyan people.

The Fuel and Gas Crisis Committee confirmed in a statement yesterday the outbreak of armed clashes in the Libyan territorial waters against a number of fuel smugglers north of Zawiya city.