Member of Presidential Council, Musa al-Koni, reviewed with the French ambassador to Libya, Mostafa Mihraje, developments of the political crisis in Libya and security situation in the African region surrounding Libya.

During a meeting at the Council's headquarters in Tripoli, the two sides discussed ways to develop relations between the two countries and enhance joint cooperation in various fields, according to a Presidential Council report on its official Facebook account.

The two parties also discussed efforts to conduct presidential and parliamentary elections, based on electoral laws that guarantee their success and acceptance of their results.

 Al-Koni and Mihraje also covered in their discussions, enhancing border security between Libya and its neighbours, through a joint military force to secure the borders, which will be the nucleus of unifying the military institution in order to protect the country, strengthen security in the region and facilitate movement of citizens, to contribute to trade and development opportunities. 

Al-Koni praised France's role in supporting a political solution in Libya, stressing the continuation of cooperation with France and the rest of the European Union in order to reach an end to the Libyan crisis.

He also pointed out the importance of consensus on electoral laws among all parties to the political process to transcend to stability.

The French ambassador, on his part, stressed that Libya is pivotal for the security and stability of the Sahel region as well as the African continent, considering that holding elections is the guarantor for the stability of Libya and its neighbouring countries.