Vice President of the Presidential Council, Abdullah Al-Lafi, chaired a meeting for the Advisory Committee of the National Reconciliation Project with the participation of Congo-Brazzaville Foreign Minister, Jean-Claude Gakosso/ Special Envoy of the Congolese President and the Chairman and members of the National Reconciliation Project follow-up committee.

Al-Lafi welcomed the Congolese delegation and praised the role of the African Union (AU), the UN, and international partners in supporting the PC's efforts in the technical and advisory fields of national reconciliation.

He also lauded the role of the national experts who prepared the reconciliation project that aims to lead the country out of its crisis and achieve stability.

In turn, the head of the AU mission affirmed African support for national reconciliation in Libya as a basis for a new constructive stage in the development of the state.

He expressed the bloc's commitment to assist Libya in this file with expertise and consultations, as he reaffirmed support for the PC's move to organize an inclusive conference that would lay the ground for achieving the desired goals, foremost of which is reconciliation.

The meeting discussed the practical steps for implementing the conference and the means to make it a success.

In conclusion, the participants agreed to hold a preparatory meeting from 8 to 12 January in Tripoli, as they called on all concerned parties to choose their representatives in the conference, which the PC says will include all the components of the Libyan people without exclusion.