The Vice-President of the Presidential Council, Abdullah Al-Lafi, says legitimacy in Libya can only be refurbished through an electoral process, in an interview with the Aljazeera Channel.

Emphasizing his support for Bathily's statement regarding the political bodies, Al-Lafi said the present political entities and institutions in Libya had lost their legitimacy.

"The UN envoy spoke in his briefing to the Security Council about forming a steering committee of political representatives consisting of youth and women to address the points of contention between the High Council of State and Parliament," Al-Lafi said, noting that the UN official made no mention of creating a new political entity to run the elections.

"The Presidential Council welcomes any vision that leads the country to elections and achieves the outcomes of the Geneva dialogue."

The vice president of the PC holds that it is possible to build on the 13th constitutional amendment, which was recently approved by the House of Representatives, although the amendment lacks a specific time roadmap and the conditions for standing for elections.

"The elections are not an end in themselves, but rather a means to achieve stability and implement the peaceful transfer of power." He said.

As Al-Lafi puts it, the electoral process requires three main conditions, the first of which is the implementation tools, which include the constitutional rule and the regulating laws, second an appropriate environment for organizing the elections in terms of security and logistics and third, ensuring the acceptance of the results.