Member of the Presidential Council Abdullah Al-Lafi met on Monday with the UN envoy to Libya Jan Kubis to discuss progress in the Libyan arena.

The two sides talked over the Berlin 2 conference outcomes, including the consensus of the participants to hold the elections on time and the failure of the “75” Committee in Geneva to reach a constitutional basis for holding elections next December.

The meeting also reviewed the progress of the 5 + 5 Committee's work, represented in the opening of the coastal road, and the situation in the south, according to a statement by the PC.

PC member Al-Lafi stressed the need to stick to the elections timetable, noting with satisfaction the launching of the voter registration system and the media center of the (HNEC).

He also referred to the government's efforts to ensure the holding of elections without hindrances, including the opening of the coastal road, which has reached final stages, the exchange of detainees, its work to get all mercenaries and foreign forces out of Libya, and the unification of the military institution, in addition to the national reconciliation project.