The GNC dialogue team will travel to Geneva to add its proposed amendments in the UNSMIL draft, GNC Second Deputy President Saleh Al-Makhzoom has told Al-Nabaa TV.

The head of UNSMIL Bernardino Leon has responded to President Abu Sahmain's letter, welcoming the participation of GNC in the dialogue round to find a mechanism to include its amendments in the draft.

President Abu Sahmain sent a message to Leon following Sunday's GNC session confirming to him that the GNC dialogue team is ready to travel to Geneva to find a mechanism to include the GNC's proposed amendments in the draft.

According to reports, among its proposed amendments, the GNC is demanding exclusion of war criminals and scrapping all Tobruk parliament decisions.

The Libyan political dialogue was due to take place Monday 10 in Geneva but it was postponed to Tuesday 11 to arrange for the participation of GNC in the dialogue.