Foreign Minister Najla Al-Manqoush has said that illegal immigration costs Libya significant security and economic resources.

"The immigration file is sapping the country's substantial security and economic resources," Al-Manqoush said during her visit to a migrant shelter in Ain Zara district south of Tripoli.

She indicated that the immigration file requires significant international cooperation and called on humanitarian organizations and neighbouring countries to help curb this phenomenon.

The foreign minister underscored that the government pays special attention to this file as she listened to the migrants' demands and got an insight into their health and living needs. She ensured them the government's keenness to preserve the rights and dignity of all migrants.

Meanwhile, the head of the Anti-Illegal Migration Agency, Muhammad Al-Khouja, briefed Al-Manqoush on the challenges confronting the agency's work.

They discussed the programs and mechanisms taken to mitigate the flow of migrants and the care provided for those in shelters, taking into account their humanitarian conditions while ensuring respect for international human rights and humanitarian laws, and refugee law.