Al-Mashashiya tribe has expressed bewilderment at the meeting between the Prime Minister of the UN-proposed government, Fayez Al-Sirraj, and a delegation from Zintan, headed by Mukhtar Al-Akhdar, which was held on June 25 to discuss the return of Zintani IDPs to Tripoli.

In a statement issued by Al-Mashashiya tribe Friday, they said they felt baffled that the UN-proposed government accepted to meet with the Zintani delegation, headed by Mukhtar Al-Akhdar, whom they described as a war criminal, pointing out that such a meeting is nothing but shameful.

“We sent a letter to Al-Sirraj back on March 4th telling him and his government about the misery Al-Mashashiya IDPs have been leading since June, 2011. We demanded his government take the right measures and end our misery, which was caused by Zintanis like the head of the delegate whom Al-Sirraj met with, however; our demands went unnoticed.” The statement reads.

They added that if the Zintani IDPs were allowed back in Tripoli without the same measure applied to Al-Mashashiya IDPs – allowing them back to their towns – the UN-proposed government would be making a great mistake as it would lead to uncontrollable reactions.

“We hope that the UN-proposed government will be conscious of our demands and notes, and we hope that it reassess the IDPs’ issue so that it finds out a solution that can end it in all over the country, without ever being biased to one group over another.” The statement concludes.

The residents of a number of towns and villages from Al-Mashahiya tribe have been forced to leave their houses by Zinatni militias since 2011. Since then, Al-Mashashiya tribe residents have become IDPs in different Libyan cities, including Tripoli.