The Head of the Libyan High Council of State (HCS), Khalid Al-Mishri, said the sovereign positions incumbents' outcome sent by the House of Representatives' (HoR) relevant committee were at odds with previous understandings at Bouznika meetings, adding that this meant there were differences in the common ground upon which the two committees from the HCS and HoR were formed.

Al-Mishri said in a letter to HoR Speaker, Aqila Saleh, that the HCS was committed to the previous Bouznika agreement, welcoming any amendments that can be agreed on by the HCS and HoR together.

He also said in a letter that if the HoR wanted to amend the previous agreements regarding criteria and mechanisms, the HCS would be ready to meet and reach a common ground.

Last week, the HoR sent the outcome of the committee for sorting out sovereign positions' applications, knowing that the HCS did form a similar committee of 13 members in the same week to review the applications after it had protested the formation of the HoR committee without prior consultation as per the Bouznika agreement.